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  • Thank you for visiting, your premier NYC Auto Broker. Whether you are shopping for a new car, or you just need expert auto advice, we’re here to help you with solutions to all of your automotive needs. We have a long tradition of serving drivers from NJ to New York City, and regardless of your needs, you can count on us to provide a thoroughly rewarding, no-pressure car lease experience.

  • We are a licensed new car leasing company, our basic job is to broker a deal between the customer and dealership.  The lease contract and all paperwork you sign is with the dealership.  We are essentially a third party or middle man that negotiates the lowest lease price on your behalf.  The only difference when you lease your car with us or the dealer is we save you time, trouble, and of course money.  When a deal is struck a dealership representative will deliver the car to your house or place of business and go over the car and lease contract with you.  We recommend you start shopping a month or two before your lease ends

When speaking to one of our salesman he will need to know the following:

  • The brand, model, style, and options you require.

  • The amount of miles you use on a yearly basis.

  • The state and county you live in to calculate your sales tax.

    Tell him about yourself, you may qualify for a military or graduate discount.

    You may work for a large company and qualify for a fleet discount, so be sure to mention where you work.

  • Have an idea of what you would like to pay out of pocket.






Please Note: All of our leases are zero down but we still require you to pay the first month, bank acquisition fee, DMV Motor Vehicles (price of DMV depends on your state and county), DOC/Dealer fee (if applicable). Some clients like to pay the tax and fees upfront others want to roll it into the monthly payment.

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